The recent spate of brutal attacks on women, children and other vulnerable groups within our communities and society in general, has prompted the Provincial Government to a “Call to Action Campaign'', to address violence and abuse in a coordinated and systematic manner.

In response to this call, the respective MECs for Social Development and Transport Safety & Liaison, Mr Gift Van Staden and Ms Pauline Williams saw the need to establish and launch a structured Men's Forum, which would then work with men and mobilize them in all key sites, institutions, socio-cultural, economic, and political arenas.

The 1994 Programme of Action of the United Nations International Conference on Population & Development noted: “Men play a key role in bringing about gender equality since, in most societies, men exercise preponderant power in nearly every sphere of life, ranging from personal decisions regarding the size of families, to the policy and programme decisions taken at all levels of government.”

Men's power over women in many contexts necessitates working with men to change the condition of women's lives. The reproductive health field was one of the first areas in which the programmatic rationale of male responsibility was utilised to encourage male involvement.

Provincial Government in partnership with other social partners and stakeholders therefore embarked on launching District Men’s Forums, which will culminate with the Provincial launch to be held late in August 2017 in the John Talao Gaetsewe District.

Pixley ka Seme District:

The purpose of launching a District Men's Forum is to create a platform where men specifically can engage in dialogues around what their role is in fighting crime and preventing gender-based violence.

The session started with panel discussions on these topics:
 - Gender-based Violence
 - Peace and Security
 - Economic Inclusion
 - Education and Skills Development
The keynote address was delivered by Cllr. Lulamile Nkumbi from the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of evolving with the times and familiarising ourselves as parents with technology in order to protect our children. He reminded men of their traditional role of being a protector of society in general.

Pixley Ka Seme District:
The following participants were elected as the District Men's Forum:
 - Mr. Mzukisi Maloya (Chairperson)
 - Mr. Micheal Mntwana (Deputy Chairperson)
 - Mr. Mxolisi Mali (Additional Member)
 - Mr. Baartman Venus (Additional Member)
 - Mr. Kenneth Lekhoasa (Additional Member)
 - Mr. Maxwell Van Syfer (Additional Member)
 - Mr. Cornelius Ngudle (Additional Member)
Frances Baard:
The Frances Baard Men’s Forum was launched on 24 July 2017 at the West End Club in Kimberley. Before the launch MEC for Social Development, Father Gift van Staden had a media engagement.

ZF Mgcawu District:
The ZF Mgcawu Men’s Forum was launched on 28 July 2017, at the Tol Speelman Community Hall, Upington.

The following people were elected:
 - Kiet Thami (Chairperson)
 - Deon Diteho (Deputy Chairperson)
 - Siyabulela Dubeni (Secretary)
 - Edward Smit (Deputy Secretary)
 - Max Nkebang (Organiser)
 - John Berend (Organiser)

Namakwa District:
The Namakwa Men’s Forum was launched on 4 August 2017 at the Jeffrey Hall in Springbok.

Members of the Men’s Forum are:
 - Willem Isaks (Chairperson)
 - John de Klerk (Deputy Chairperson)
 - Brig. Francis Hender (Secretary)
 - Robert Schambua (Deputy Secretary)
 - Gerard Brandt (Organiser)
 - Lungisa Sishuba (Organiser)