The aim of this Chief Directorate is to provide for costs of management, planning and corporate services for the Office of the MEC, the Provincial Head Office (communication, information technology, general administrative support, provisioning, procurement, finance, human resource management/development, labour and legal services, policy and planning functions) and monitoring and evaluation of districts. The Chief Directorate is responsible for the following functions:

  • Human Resource Management: The rendering of effective and efficient human resource services to the Department.
  • Human Resource Development(HRD): The unit renders HRD services to all employees within the Department as well as unemployed youth/community members. The unit also deals with the implementation of Learnerships and Internships for the Department and provides bursaries to Departmental Officials and unemployed youth of the Northern Cape.
  • Employee Health & Wellness: This unit deals with the establishment and implementation of the Employee Wellness for departmental employees.
  • Labour & Legal Services: Ensures labour peace and a productive workforce as well as dealing with contracts, interpretation of Statutes, and liaison with the State Attorney.
  • Strategic Management Support: The Policy and Planning unit is responsible for doing research with regard to policy documents, legislation and relevant sources for policy development in the Department. It is further responsible for analysing and monitoring of policy implementation as well as driving the Departmental Service Delivery Improvement Plan by ensuring that it is in line with Programmes Operational Plans, as well as progress or achievements indicated by Department’s Strategic Plan. In addition, this unit oversees the communications section of the Department which is responsible for providing cost-effective communication services and products timeously and continuously; promoting, supporting and enhancing the Department’s image and policies and positioning the Department in a positive light with stakeholders and the public at large. This section also includes the Information Technology Unit which is responsible for dispatching and repairs to computers, printers and other peripherals; e-mail, internet and application access; and networking requirements.
  • Security & Records Management: This unit is responsible for the overall administration and operational security services as well as establishing proper management and protection of archive records
  • Infrastructure Management: The programme aims to acquire, utilise and manage new and existing property for accommodation purposes, either through lease, construction or purchase. It provides support to programmes by identifying needs and responding to requests for accommodation, maintenance and cleaning requirements.