Purpose of the Programme

•    To facilitate the establishment and integration of inter – sectoral programmes and policies to prevent victimization, and support, protect and empower the victims of crime and violence with special focus on the vulnerable groups especially women and children.
•    It also focuses on creating a society in which crime prevention is prioritized and the rights and needs of victims of crime and violence are acknowledged and effectively addressed within a favourable environment.

Policy mandates
•    National Intersectoral Victim Empowerment Policy.
•    National Policy Guidelines for Victim Empowerment
•    National Directory on services for Victims of Violence and Crime.
•    Service Charter for Victims of Crime.
•    Minimum Norms and Standards for Service Delivery in Victim Empowerment.

Situational Analysis
The Northern Cape Province is a vast area and amongst the poorest in the country.  There is noted scarcity of professional resources in general, particular to the victim empowerment sector.  There are severe shortage of professional expertise and therefore depends on the limited existing capacity.  Albeit these conditions, there is a strong will of combating the challenges of violence and crime by VEP stakeholders in the province. 
The Northern Cape is known for its high incidences of crime especially rape to an extent that it is referred to at times as the Rape Capitol of South Africa. An analysis of crime revealed that alcohol misuse contributes significantly to most crimes in this province.  This and other contributing socio-economic factors must be reduced for sustainable reduction in contact crimes.  

Gender Based Violence and Abuse remain a major challenge to the VEP Programme.  Statistics of rape and abuse cases are at the increase.  There has also been an increase in cases of domestic violence and the number of victims in shelters.  There was also a realization that cases of Human Trafficking are in the increase in our communities.  In 2008, the department partnered with UNODC in order to strengthen services to victims of crime and violence.

Although there has been a noted reduction of crime especially contact violence crime nationally, in the Province there are still isolated incidences of violent crime eg:  rape and serious assault.