Corporate Services: Is responsible for the overall administration and provision of valuable support services, such as: Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development (HRD), Employee Health and Wellness Programme (EHWP), Labour Relations and Legal Services, Policy and Planning, Security and Records Management.

Finance: Provide support within the Department in terms of: Financial Management, Administration, Inspectorate, Supply Chain & Asset Management and Physical Planning.

District & Institutional Support: Provide support in terms of District Management, Customer Care, NPO Capacity Building, Funding and Monitoring Support.

Social Welfare Services: Provide support and care for vulnerable groups, such as children, youth, women, older persons, people with Disabilities, people affected and infected by HIV/Aids an others, in a developmental social welfare manner, while facilitating an enabling environment for service delivery and the development of welfare infrastructure.

Development & Research: Facilitate an enabling legal and resource environment, through support to non-profit organisations in which communities can be mobilised to participate in their own development. They also ensure that population factors are taken into all planning and do research not only for the Department, but also for all other stakeholders.