Purpose of the Programme
The Older Persons Act no 13 of 2006 aims to maintain and protect the status, wellbeing, safety and rights of older persons. It also aims to promote their integration in the community by creating an enabling environment and promoting participation in activities with people of other ages and cultures.

Policy Mandates
•    The Older Persons Act no 13 of 2006
•    The Madrid Plan on Active Ageing
•    The National Policy of Older Persons
•    The Government Plan of Action
•    The Medium Term Strategic Framework
•    National Sector Priorities
•    Provincial Strategy for Transformation of Homes and Services to Older Persons

Situational Analysis
The number of older persons in the Northern Cape is 95 236. Elderly people therefore comprise of 9.33% of the total population.
The Department currently funds 25 homes for older persons in the province with a total registered number of 1 216. Sixty nine service centres are registered. Service centres experience challenges in terms of transport, infrastructure, equipment and organizational structure. Centres are dependent on volunteers who are not always committed.
Currently there is only one NGO that is funded and renders community based services to older persons throughout the Province. These services include support services to service centres, awareness programmes, expansion of services and Home Community Based Care Services.
Two districts forums have been established as well as the provincial forum for older persons. There is a challenge in terms of the establishment of forums for older persons due to overlapping of structures. This problem could be addressed by integrating the process with existing forums for example the Victim Empowerment Forums. Two service centres in Frances Baard district have assisted living programmes which make provision for 24 older persons. Funding has been provided for the establishment of 4 multi-purpose centres in the province which will make provision for a range of community based care and support services. Currently 116 caregivers are rendering home community based care services to frail older persons in the community. The Department aims to establish and strengthen existing community based programmes to ensure accessibility of services to the target group. The Older Persons Act focus on the shift from residential care to community based care and support services.