MEC Nontobeko Vilakazi doing door to door visits in Upington.

Whilst doing personal visits to various households in Upington, MEC for Social Development, accompanied by the Acting Head of Department, Ms Shouneez Kimmie-Wookey visited a family where there is no parent or adult present in the home. 

These are known as Child Headed Households.

A child-headed household is one where there are no adult carers available and children live on their own. Typically an older child will care for siblings, cousins, nephews or nieces. Such a situation is increasingly common in areas with high AIDS mortality and where one or both parents have passed on.

Some children are forced to live on their own as a result of child neglect, one or both parents are abusing alcohol and or drugs, one or both parents are incarcerated etc. In most cases these children are living in very bad conditions and are left vulnerable. 

With MEC Vilakazi,s visit to such a home it was heartwarming to meet a very responsible young man who takes care of his siblings in the best possible way oroviring a warm, loving and caring home where they live, learn and love. 

MEC commended the young man for his selfless sacrifice and expressed her hope that other young people would find encouragement and inspiration in the example he sets.

We wish this young man and his siblings everything of the best and the Department will provide support and also render services to the family as per our mandate.

We salute you young man. 

Gamiem Abrahams

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