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Design and implement integrated services for the care, support and protection of older persons


The purpose of the Programme is to create a caring and integrated system of social development services that facilitates human development and an improvement in the quality of life for older persons.

This sub-programme will have a focus on caring for frail older persons with residential facilities (24) whilst increasing accessibility of community based services to older persons. These community based services include services at community bases service centres, Golden Games, Active ageing programmes, counseling services with the renewed focus for the next five years on  Alzheimer’s and Abuse of older persons through the establishment of support groups by Alzheimer’s South Africa.

The targets set for caring for frail older persons considered the number of older persons (frail), 60+ residing in a facility each month. The target for community based services is informed by the different categories of services provided to older person’s e.g. Golden Games, Alzheimer’s, Counseling, the demographic trends of Alzheimer’s, Abuse of older persons and baseline data.

Community based services are resources with transfer budget (post funding Alzheimer’s South Africa, Age-in-Action, monthly subsidy community based service centres) and Goods and Services budget (funding of Golden Games Programme, Centenary anniversaries for older persons and monitoring of services, service delivery audits at organizations).













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