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Provide sustainable development programmes which facilitate empowerment of communities, based on empirical research and demographic information.

The War on Poverty Campaign, which is the overarching programme of the Department, inclusive of Sustainable Livelihoods and Youth Development are enabling sub-programmes to enable the achievement of the NDP 2030 goals and the Medium Term Strategic Framework 2014/2019.

The two sub-programmes Sustainable Livelihoods and Youth Development are enabling programmes that build on the capabilities of communities to participate in their own development. For the 2018/2019 financial year, the community capacity enhancement (CCE) methodology implemented will continue to bring about social change in areas of substance abuse, food security, HIV and AIDS, illiteracy, or unemployment to assist household, communities to achieve the basic standard of living.

The community development interventions are process driven, of which the results can only be achieved after one or two financial years, giving effect to the targets as outlined in the Annual Performance Plan 2018/2019 and over the MTEF period. The allocated budget would consider the processes during the financial year to implement community development interventions (Goods and Services budget) whilst the results of the interventions such as a non- profit organisation would be funded through the transfer budget.

The Institutional Funding and Monitoring Chief Directorate has a main function for monitoring for compliance with the PFMA and the NPO Act and will be consistently supported by 10 programme managers responsible for the various sub-programmes through the monitoring of the services and legislative requirements for each service. The Institutional Funding and Monitoring Chief Directorate have a staff compliment at provincial office level as well the five district offices to provide a service to ±800 non-profit organizations.

It is made up of the following sub-programmes:

  • Community Mobilization
  • Institutional Capacity Building and Support to NPO’s
  • Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Community based Research and Planning
  • Youth Development
  • Women Development
  • Population Policy Promotion
  • Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Institutional Funding and Monitoring
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