Child Care and Protection Services

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Design and implement integrated programmes and services that provide for the development, care and protection of the rights of children.


The purpose of the sub - programme is to ensure care and protection of children.




The compliance to the Children’s Act no 38 of 2005 is performed by social workers and social auxiliary workers as a support service with trained volunteers providing community based child protection services. Children in need of care and protection i.e. children who have been abused, child headed households, children in child and youth care centres, children placed in temporary safe care, children living and working on the street.

The services include therapeutic services and programmes, statutory services information and education programmes and support services. The targets for the sub- programme is determined by new foster care placements, receive, ten children per quarter per therapeutic programme per social worker within the Department, NGO, Child and Youth Care Centre.

The information and education sessions are calculated as ten children per session per social auxiliary worker, per volunteer per quarter. The budget allocation reflects post funding for the non- profit organisation, payment of stipend to volunteers, - Isibindi, Isolabantwana Neighbour helping Neighbour (transfer budget).

The Goods & Services allocation caters for working tools for therapeutic services and programmes, children placed in temporary safe care and monitoring of service.



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