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Develop and implement social crime prevention programmes and provide probation services targeting children, youth and adult offenders and victims in the criminal justice process.


The purpose of this programme is to facilitate social integration, protect and develop vulnerable groups through the development and implementation of social crime prevention and support services in terms of the Probation Services Act, Act 116 of 1991 as amended 35 of 2002 and the Child Justice Act (75 of 2008) to ensure an inclusive and responsive social protection system.


The specialized service delivery output can be divided into two categories:

  1. Secure Care Centres- two state owned, two private accommodating sentenced children in conflict with the law and children awaiting trial.
  2. Therapeutic services and programmes to children in conflict with the law. The target is calculated per capacity of secure care centres per month per quarter.

The budget allocation makes provision for the capacity of secure care centres per month per quarter inclusive of outsourced services
such as catering. The purchasing of working tools for the therapeutic services and programmes monitoring of services are all inclusive
through the Goods & Services budget.



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