Victim Empowerment

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Design and implement integrated programmes and services to support, care and empower victims of violence and crime in particular women and children.


To facilitate the establishment and integration of inter–sectoral programmes and policies to prevent victimization, and support, protect and empower the victims of crime and violence with special focus on the vulnerable groups especially women and children.

Service to victims of human trafficking and gender- based violence include:
  1. Expansion of a range of services at shelters for victims of gender- based violence
  2. Provision and access of social services to victims of violence through the court support model
  3. Provision of specialist services for human trafficking at the VEP service site- Bopanang
The target is determined by the capacity per month per shelter. The provision and access of social services to victims of violence is
determined by the capacity of the centres to provide a long- term therapeutic service to victims.
The budget allocation considers post funding at shelters, payment of stipends to volunteers (transfer budget), information and education
sessions, Bopanang Victim Empowerment service site, inclusive of outsourced services and monitoring of services.


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