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Design and implement integrated community based care programmes and services aimed at mitigating the social impact of HIV and AIDS and other Social ills. 


To fund organizations aimed to reduce vulnerability caused by psychosocial aspects related to HIV and AIDS prevention,
treatment, care , support and other social ills , as these affect groupings such as orphans, vulnerable children, families living
with HIV and AIDS, youth and people living with disabilities.



The Isibindi model is a community based programme in which trained Child and Youth Care Workers render services to orphans
and vulnerable Children, Youth and Households affected and infected by HIV/AIDS to ensure the protection of the constitutional
rights of the children. The provision of services to OVC`s through the recruitment and training of Child and Youth Care Workers is in support of the priorities and outcomes of government with regard to job creation and the provision of a capable workforce.  The National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers (NACCW) is the owner of the model and are implemented in partnership with the Department of Social Development (who provide funding) and local implementing partners (NGO’s-who employ the Child and Youth Care Workers and manage the running costs of the programme).

The Department in collaboration with NACCW and Implementing partners are implementing the Isibindi Programme since 2004 in the Northern Cape Province. Currently the Department funds 15 Isibindi Programmes in the province.

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