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Programmes and services to promote functional families and to prevent vulnerability in families.


The program aims to provide a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated approach to social service delivery to families in
order to enhance independent, resilient and socially cohesive families.





The provision of services is provided by social workers- social work interventions, counselling, and marriage counselling, family group conferences whilst information, education and communication programmes are provided by social workers. The family preservation services and programmes rendered by the Department are complemented by FAMSA. The number of families who are provided with a service are calculated per social worker providing four family preservation programmes to 15 families per programme per quarter. The social auxiliary workers provide two information and education programmes with 10 families each per quarter per auxiliary worker.

Family preservation services and reunification services are calculated as a therapeutic service rendered over a period of time to a family. The funding allocated as per the Goods & Services budget compensate for the family preservation programmes, parental skills programmes, information and education sessions, and monitoring of services. The transfer budget is allocated for post funding to FAMSA.



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