29 January 2020 - MEC's Outreach Programme In Groblershoop

The MEC for Social Development, Ms Martha Bartlett on 29 January 2020, visited Sternham Intermediate School and Topline Primary School in the ZF Mcgawu District as part of the Provincial Government’s oversight into the readiness of schools.
Many students in school are subjected to poverty and a lack of basic school necessities needed to make learning easier.  From proper school uniform to stationary and personal hygiene products are some of the necessities required by students and to this end MEC Bartlett as part of the collective handed over personal hygiene products, uniform vouchers and stationary.  MEC also committed to regularly visit schools to address psycho social issues of learners, parents and teachers.
The oversight visit also forms part of the Love your School campaign initiated by the Department of Education and supported by the Provincial Government.
The Love your School Campaign was launched in John Taolo Gaetsewe by Premier of the Northern Cape, Dr. Zamani Saul.  The campaign calls for and has as its foundation a call on communities to take control of their schools and the environment.  Parents were encouraged to ensure that children attend school, care for their school and environment and respect and appreciate their teachers.
MEC Bartlett, during the visit reiterated this call and urged children to refrain from bullying, substance abuse and reckless sexual practices.  Substance abuse and poor discipline remain key challenges faced by teachers and the Department has also shifted our focus to address not only those challenges, but all others faced by children.
MEC Bartlett concluded the visits with a message of hope and encouragement that children need to work hard from a very young age so that the love of education is inculcated at a young age and becomes part of our daily activities.  “We need each and every child here today to grow into successful professionals and help us secure a future for the generations to come.”
-By Moss Tyuthuza

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