The Strategic Management Directorate is responsible for the overall management of the following sub-programmes:

  • Communications
  • Policy and Planning

Strategic Management focuses on the following:

Policy Development

  • Development of policies in line with the prescribed Provincial Policy Format and relevant applicable legislation,
  • The monitoring of policies implemented, through the policy compliance grid.
  • Update and maintain the policy register
  • Review of policies

Monitoring of the Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP) within the Department.

  • TheĀ  3year SDIP is been utilized as a monitoring tool on which services rendered by the Department will be evaluated against the expectations of partners and civil society
  • Development of service standards per service

Monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Plan

  • Development and implementation of the Annual Performance Plan
  • Management of Performance Information in the department
  • Development of the Annual Report

Monitoring of the Government Reporting and Planning cycle which includes:

  • Quarterly collation, consolidation quality assured and submission of reports to Provincial Treasury, Cabinet Lekgotla , Office of the Premier, Portfolio Committee, and SCOPA,

Monitoring tool for the PGDS Poverty target to measure quality and quantity developed, for future planning

  • Review of the PGDS
  • Inputs for the development of the Spatial Development Framework