Purpose of the Programme:

This programme captures the strategic management and support services at all levels of the Department, i.e. Provincial, District and facility/ institutional level. 


Strategic Goal:

To facilitate the building of human capital through the continuous improvement of internal control measures for assessable, visible services to communities.


Strategic Objective:

To provide for the strategic direction and the overall management and administration of the Department.


Programme Description:

This Chief Directorate assist in facilitating service delivery, in partnership with the Chief Directorate: Financial Management. This is done through compliance with the Public Finance Management Act and regulations, practice notes, Public Service Act and regulations and resolutions. The development of key control measures became imperative to manage risks through mitigating actions.




Provides political and legislative interface between government, civil society and all other relevant stakeholders. The programme renders executive support, public and media relations and parliamentary support. Manage and administer the Office of the Member of the Executive Council (MEC).




Provides for the strategic direction and the overall management and administration of the Department. This sub programme provides for the following functional areas:

HOD’s Office

Risk Management

Human Resource Management

Employee Wellness Programme

Human Resource Development

Employee Performance Management

Personnel Administration

Gender and Disability Coordination

Strategic Management (incl. Policy, Strategic Management, Monitoring Reporting &Evaluation)


Customer Care

Security Management

General Administration (e.g. registry, telecommunication etc.)

Information Technology (IT)

Labour Relations & Legal Services